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Lancaster Historical Preservation Marker Application


The Lancaster Historic Plaque program provides the opportunity for owners of historic buildings in Lancaster to visually identify their structures as historic by purchasing an official Lancaster Historic Society plaque to affix to their property. The plaque is approximately eight (8) inches in diameter and features raised letters on a black background. Each property that receives a plaque will also be list

ed in a Lancaster Historic Guide available to visitors at the visitor’s center. Criteria and fees for selection consideration by the Lancaster Historical Society (LHS) are explained below, as well as the requirements to retain a plaque.

I/we request the LHS to consider our property for the award of a LHS historical plaque. If such plaque is awarded I/we agree to allow the LHS to place the plaque on our property as set forth in this application.

Name(s): _______________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

Phone Day: ___________________ Cell: ____________________

Email address: __________________________________________

  1. The installation of the LHS plaque will require three holes to be drilled in the wall of the property.
  2. The plaque will become a permanent part of the structure, not the property of the structure owner (it cannot be removed and taken by the owner if the property is later sold).
  3. This plaque is designed to award Lancaster citizens for the restoration and upkeep of historical properties and remains the property of the LHS as set forth in the attachment.
  4. The fee for the plaque, if awarded, is $125.00 which is due from applicant upon receipt of the application by the LHS. The fee will be returned to the applicant in the event the Board of Directors of the LHS declines to award the requested Plaque.

Please, refer to Attachment 1 for more detailed information on acceptance requirements. All applications will be reviewed and accepted or rejected by the Board of Directors of the LHS. Their determination in this matter is final and conclusive. Applicant agrees to accept that decision. When completed, this signed application shall be mailed or delivered to the LHS. Mailed applications should be sent to PO Box 173, Lancaster, Texas, 75146.

Agreed to and accepted:

Applicant Signature: _________________________________________________ Date: ____________



Lancaster Historical Society                                                                                                              Attachment I

Requirements for designation as a Historic Building:

    1. The main structure on the property shall be a minimum of fifty years of age from the time of construction.
    2. The structure is maintained in very good to excellent condition. The structure(s) must be painted and there shall be no wood rot, loose trim, missing trim, large cracks in masonry, other structural deterioration, foundation issues, broken or missing windows / doors / trim / roofing materials, etc.
    3. The grounds are neat and well maintained, Grounds are not weed choked or overgrown, there are no visible abandoned / derelict / inoperable vehicles on the property, there is no visible rubble, trash, building materials, abandoned/ non-running or parked commercial vehicles / commercial equipment on the property, and there are no derelict / deteriorated / rotted / collapsed / etc. out-buildings present on the property.
    4. The building retains its original appearance to a significant degree.
    5. Interior alterations to the property are not considered unless they impact on the outward appearance.

In addition, the structure shall exemplify one or more of the following characteristics:

    1. It is distinctive in character, interest or value and strongly exemplifies the culture, economic, social, ethnic, or historical heritage of the city of Lancaster.
    2. The property is an important example of a particular architectural type or style.
    3. It has been identified as the work of an important architect or master builder whose individual work has contributed to the development of the city.
    4. It embodied elements of architectural design, detail, materials, or craftsmanship which represent a significant innovation in construction.
    5. It bears an important and significant relationship to an area or collection of properties or contributes to the overall character of an area based on its architecture, historic, or cultural merit.
    6. It is the site of a significant historical event in the City of Lancaster.
    7. It is identified with a person or persons who significantly contributed to the history, culture and development of the city of Lancaster.

Additionally, the Applicant will provide the Committee with a written narrative describing the property and its historical significance (under the above guidelines) to the City of Lancaster. The application for Historic Plaque will be accompanied by the filing fee. This Application form and its attachments provide the detailed requirements for the award of a Historic Plaque. Additionally, the LHS committee, with the responsibility for review and recommendation of applications, shall be allowed an on-site inspection of the exterior of the property in order to prepare its evaluation to the Board of Directors.

The Applicant acknowledges that if a Plaque is issued, it shall remain the property of the LHS and is subject to forfeiture and return if the property is not maintained in a suitable manner (in the sole determination of the LHS) or the property is modified in such a manner as to compromise its original, historic appearance. Any Plaque awarded shall be affixed to the property as determined by the LHS (in consultation with the property owner) and the property shall be listed as a historic structure in materials distributed by the LHS to visitors in the city.

Lancaster Historical Society                                                                                                                                        

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